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I have never been so disrespected in my life

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The doctor here is extremely disrespectful and not compassionate towards the children at all. My daughter is scared of everything and naturally she started having a melt down. She did not want to lay down or brush her teeth. The doctor started showing irritation. When this happens my husband has to force her down and I being a mother cannot handle this. I prefer to stay out of this sight. When I asked the doctor if there was any other way to make her sit and do it as she was not willing to lie down, he started telling me to go somewhere else if I did not like the way he was doing it etc. I said that no I would just go out. He then accused me of rolling my eyes at him and lectured me for another 30 minutes as if I was a teenager. I felt disrespected as he did not consider my emotions and spoke to me badly.

There was no need of him to be so rude when we expect him to meet more mothers who cannot handle the pain of their own child. My daughter was not going near him and he too did not make any effort to calm her down unlike other pediatricians. He doesn’t have basic sense of how to handle small kids. They are not matured to understand that this is for their good. So they get scared and make a fuss which is natural. My daughter is scared of unknown people and place. I knew she would make a fuss but did not expect this unfriendly behaviour from the dentist. He was clearly frustrated because of her crying and yelling. I left the place and will never go back there again. I request all parents to boycott them.

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