Supertooth Dentistry

stands at the bottom of the pile due to its poor quality and bad management

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This is supposed to be one of the best places according to the rating on the internet given but in fact, those are all big lies, this place is a mess. One of the biggest blunders that they have committed is that they have stopped taking METLIFE insurance. When it comes to the staff of the hospital, the receptionist is too rude. The job of the receptionist is to assist the people and make them feel comfortable instead of that she totally ignores the customers. The doctors are unprofessional and are not quite effective enough. There have been situations when the patients did not receive proper medical treatment which is a blunder for such a big organization. The amount they charge is too high for the services they provide. Any dentistry should adhere to some professional stands but this place lacks everything. The atmosphere is dead at this place and no staff member likes to work there, all they want to do is get out as soon as the job is over. There are better places in Seattle that one can visit, where the patients are treated in the right manner and no person is felt disrespected. If one was to rate this dentistry overall it stands at the bottom of the pile due to its poor quality and bad management. Never trust the reviews given on a owner’s site as they only publish the good stuff, why would a company even keep negative comments? Online profiling is all about building a good image of your brand. Moreover, the timings at this place are very limited, the place closes at 2 pm so you cannot get any late appointments. If they change the administration and make some bold changed then only this place can survive in the near future.

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