Suresky Hyundai

Experience with the service department was awful. Scammers..

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Like all dealers all over the world here also you will never get a car in mentioned price by them and you will feel how you have been cheated by the dealer regarding pricing only after you buy an overpriced car. BTW I purchased a compact SUV from Hyundai. Its worthless to mention that my SUV works fine for almost 1 year. But I was keep visiting there and paying extra bucks them in the sake of services. But after 14 months I found some major problems in my car. I called them told each and every bit then they told me to park my car and wait for yesterday. I went out but in evening they called me up for taking my car. I was happy to see my car got repaired within a day. But after 2 months I got to know the real shit they had did over my car. When my car’s transmission was not working, I went up to a local repairing shop. He then tells me that my SUV’s 30-40% parts are not original. They have been replaced by the original ones. Now I got to know the fuck they had done to my car. It’s really terrible. I was completely in shock that how a big dealer like this can do this to me. But money makes monks thieves. What can I do now just aware other to not to get fooled like me.

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