Sweyer Property Management

they have no knowledge about real estate. Avoid them

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What a cheater this organisation is! I would have never have known that such inefficient, ill mannered, untrained people could ever be hired by a company for a job so important as managing and renting of property, until I saw and experienced it with my own eyes! My friend had once decided to invest in real estate and due to a recommendation by her friend, she chose to go with Sweyer Property Management, and the incidents that happened next were disastrous.

On enquiring with the staff there, she came to know eventually that none of their brokers had licences, although they had claimed in the beginning that all of them did have one. Their employees were also highly inefficient and seemed to have the least amount of knowledge about real estate. Their office at 1612 Military Cutoff Rd #101 in Wilmington did not have much staff and the ones present that day were very poor performers. My friend was assured that the property she is going to invest in would have a high market value in the near future. However, she was not quite convinced considering the location and the unreaistic nature of their promises. Yet, the repeated assurances (which later turned out to be fake) got her convinced about investing in the same. She invested a great amount of money in the hope of getting better returns. She was told that as and when the rates were better, she would get a call from their `experts` who would help her sell the property and make profits. It has been over 2 years now and she still has not received any call. They also do not receive her calls and when they do so, she is always told to call up later. If this is not a scam, I am not sure what can ever be.

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