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Everything about this practice other than the hygienists is unethical, immoral & lies.

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This is a classic case of a simple dental appointment gone wrong and no one but Sycamore Hills Dentistry is to be blamed for it. I had visited them once or twice before when my dentist was out of town, and although there was nothing spectacular about their services, they had more or less conducted a routine check up just fine. So this time, when my dentist left town again for some personal stuff, I booked another appointment with Sycamore Hills. I went in at the designated time, and I was surprised to find someone else in place of the dentist who usually conducts the routine checkup. In fact, this person was new and was also considerably young. He went about his work without much interest in introduction and I just wanted to get it done myself. However, soon after he started the check up, I felt a pinch in an area in my upper gum and then it was followed by a severe pain. I soon realized that my gums were bleeding but on trying ask what happened, the dentist simply refused to answer me and rushed off, this time returning with the dentist who actually conducts the routine checkups. Looked like that the new guy was a rookie who had just joined and I was one of his firsts. I am definitely going to sue them because rookies are not to be allowed to deal with patients unless a senior was supervising them and in case there was no one with him. He must have poked my gums with something sharp during the checkup which had resulted in the bleeding. This place has no rules and one should be careful about visiting them. The new doctors here are especially the ones we should be careful of.

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