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Beware , draft a contract before ELSE they will rip you off.

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My office is located at the outskirts of Exton, Pennsylvania it is attached to the manufacturing industry where I work. Our company is an iron pipe developing industry. I work in the management office and it is on the same Grounds with the factory. Although our office is an enclosed area with air filters and purifiers all around it does nothing to prevent the excessive amount of pollution and dust from entering the enclosed area. And because of the enclosed area, the dust can’t easily escape that’s why our boss requested our company to install industrial ventilation and dust collection system so that the employees can work without hindrance.

Our company hired SysTech Design Inc. for the job and the work began. They installed filters, dust collection systems and industrial ventilation. The whole process was costly and took about 15 to 20 days to complete. Our office was much cleaner after that and as we were happy with the solution our employers paid them and concluded the contract. But after about a week it started. In the beginning, we didn’t make much of it and thought that it’s nothing. But within a few days, we started having strong coughs and our eyes started watering. We again began to use the air purifiers within the office and complained to the higher-ups. They came to supervise the situation and was surprised to find such a drastic condition even after installing such an expensive system.

After that, my company contacted SysTech Design Inc. And asked for them to review the situation but surprisingly they refused and requested another payment if they had to come to supervise the issue. Our company was surprised by the audacity and sued them for their ineffective solution and irrational demands. In the end, things resolved at Court and our company was refunded their full amount. They then hired another company and the system they installed is still working properly. I will just say before spending such a huge amount on something it is necessary to properly review and draft a contract so that later on you don’t have to face such a problem.

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