Tabanero Cigars

Put this place out of business.

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A month ago as I entered the shop through the door a guy who was rolling cigars greeted me with “pendejo”which meant “stupid”in Spanish, which I did not know at that time, and everyone present their laughed their heart out. Such an insulting welcome for a tourist was not at all expected. I even went to taste the Cuban coffee that was being sold at the back store. I had to wait there for a cup of coffee for several minutes just because I was a tourist. It made me really annoyed and angry at the same time but I did not create any fuss out there.

The taste of the coffee was very mediocre and there was nothing special about it. I went on to taste the cigars. The first cigar that I went on to light was not packed properly and it got unrolled all of a sudden. It was a disappointing experience. I lit another cigar. The smell of the cigars were not bad to be honest. But the texture was not that smooth. It was not enjoyable for me. I do not think that the cigars were really the original Cuban cigars. Maybe the flavors were very much artificial too. Both the cigars and the coffee were very expensive and I do not think they were worth the cost and the insults that came with it.

They should be ashamed to treat their tourists and guests like this. I was really heartbroken after visiting Tabanero Cigars. If they cannot reduce the cost of their products they should at least teach themselves how to behave with their guests. No one should ever visit their store and buy anything from there especially tourists if you respect yourselves. Shame on Tabanero Cigars!

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