Tejas Patel, DDS

everyone should go at their own risk

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I have always had crooked teeth and uneven gum line which can be seen while I smiled, there is also a huge gap in between my frontal teeth of the upper teeth structure. This has a negative effect on my personal life, I am extremely self-conscious and I never smile in front of others. This self-consciousness has undermined my confidence and doesn’t allow me to participate in any public event.
My school counselor was sympathetic towards me and recommended Austin cosmetic dentistry by Tejas Patel, DDS. My mum found out all about their success and reviews through the internet and from other people. According to most people, Tejas Patel was one of the best dentists of Austin and can provide the expected result to his patients. I want to have my cosmetic surgery done from him but unfortunately, he was out of town at that time and the staff of the facility recommended me another dentist who was supposed to be as efficient and trustworthy. We believed her as the dentist has been working with Tejas Patel for a long time and should be as good as him. But boy we were wrong, our appointment was scheduled the very next day without any prior tests. According to my specialist, I was too young to have any kind of problem and the procedure won’t cause any hindrance to my health.
The first thing I noticed there was the staff and the dentist didn’t get along due to which even though my surgery was scheduled for 10 a.m. in the morning it was postponed to 2 p.m. in the afternoon and we had to wait for the whole time there. The next and final problem was that I was allergic to anesthesia and showed extreme symptoms after they applied anesthesia on me (I had no idea about it as it was the first time I was coming in contact with anesthesia). My mum said my face swelled up and I started coughing heavily. After that, I fainted and personally, I don’t remember anything. Later I found out through mum that as there wasn’t any tests done this blunder happened. My mum fought a lot with them and she was scared to death, but after some time I regained consciousness and she immediately took me home. This experience scared my mum so much that she still doesn’t trust any dentist now. I will never recommend Austin cosmetic dentistry anyone, everyone should go at their own risk and as for me, I will never set foot at their facility.

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