The Children's Inn at NIH

get your child out of such mess

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We are really a happy parent to have such an obedient child. I know sometimes we do face issue with him and are forced to cry but we know he’s the best of what we can get. Coming to the topic, a few days back we got to know that there was a Children’s Inn at NIH. A place where seriously ill kids participated to be a part of the national institute of health. The inn provides such service with all free of charge and takes not even a penny. This was what we heard but when we made a visit we were surprised to see that what they say is totally different. They might not ask for money directly but showing the condition of our kids they extract a large amount of money. I wanted to know more and this curiosity made me go ahead. They were all happy to receive as we were nothing more than walking banks for them.
They welcomed us and then served us well. When asked about various other things like what will the room be like or what services will be provided for our child to stay happy and healthy here, they said that they are gonna provide us with a special caretaker who will guide the child at every step and will take care of him or her.
On asking if this too is free of cost, the answer was no. They said that no this isn’t free of cost and we are going to charge for this.
Now, this is where the fraud started and being a father I took my way out. Why do we even need to have such Inn when we have a better home and my child had parents to support.
Well after that day we also heard rumours that the children’s who were a part of that place were been experimented upon and obviously risks of their survival got worse.
Hope everyone out there on seeing this review get their child out of such mess.

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