The Genesis Investing system

This is a scam.

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The Genesis Investing system teaches you to invest in private companies and make money. Its primary objective is to lower the obstruction of entry for investing in these type of markets.
The system gets its name from the term “Genesis Investing” that is just a type of investing in which investors invest in equity from private companies before the company goes public.

When you invest on a private firm that is yet to issue an IPO, you hope to sell off the equity when the firm is an established public firm and is of higher value.
If you choose to keep the stock, you still make a benefit from having bought it at a cheaper rate.
The Genesis Investing System consists the following elements:
The Early Stage Playbook
Genesis Investing System is an online interactive course consisting of 12 videos that teach you to make money through “Genesis Investing” while lowering the associated risk.
Private Bond Opportunities
It introduces you to the high-yield private bonds that have higher returns sometimes than Treasury bonds. But do not forget that they still have a higher risk than the bonds issued by the government.

Special Shark Tank Reports
The reports explains in details the two real-life examples of Genesis investments to give you an idea of how things work in real-life situations to enhance the overall learning experience.
The 60-Minute Angel Investor
They provide checklist of simple metrics that can be used to pick the companies to invest in without taking the unreasonable risk.
49 Pre-IPO Investments
This report shows how you can invest in a low-risk advanced startups that are going public soon.
The Genesis Investing System aims to teach people how they can invest in the private companies.
The course was launched by Crowdability in 2013.
It was co-founded by Matthew Millner who is known as a successful genesis investor.
Before genesis investing, he was trading in the stock market.
The course includes a three-stage process called ASE (Allocate, Screen, Evaluate).
1. Allocate – Learning to determine the appropriate sum of money to stake in every investment.
2. Screen – Learning to identify companies worth investing in.
3. Evaluate – Learning how to examine a specific company to understand its potential for profits or losses.

Pre-IPO Offerings—They are just Scammers
It is not new when a promising company makes a debut or an industry sector is ”hot,” investors show interest to invest. But if the company is held privately and investors connot immediately buy shares as the company has not offered an initial public offering of their stock? Investor demand for the shares of private stock of high-profile social media firms like Facebook, Groupon, Twitter and Zynga had surged before IPOs. These companies drawed millions of subscribers and had changed hugely the way people interact. But social media platforms had also became the place where con artists could carry out a scam. In this situation, the fraudsters made the promise of wealth bythe sale of ”pre-IPO” shares.
For example, in December 2010, right after the Securities and Exchange Commission settled a civil action, the federal prosecutors raised charges against a self-employed securities trader who allegedly duped more than 50 U.S. and foreign investors of more than $9.6 million in a series of pre-IPO scams over an eight-year period. There were other potentially fraudulent schemes that targeted potential victims by offering to sell shares of Facebook.
FINRA had to issue this alert to warn the investors about the pre-IPO scams offering access to shares of popular private companies.
Pre-IPO Speculation Always Risky, Can Be Illegal
Generally, securities offerings must be registered with the SEC or meet the exemption under the federal securities laws or the offering is not a legal one. ”Pre-IPO” involves unregistered shares buying in a private firm before initial public offering of securities and it may range from risky deals to frauds.
On the considerable end of this, a company can sell the unregistered shares in private transactions that are known as ”private placements”, and these sales for the investors are an important source of capital for American business, specially small firms. But these Investments come with risk as a fact that you cannot be sure if the company will actually complete an IPO. So you cannot be sure if you will be able to sell the shares you purchased. Also, the fair market value of the shares may be based only on speculations. And privately bought shares generally come with various restrictions, like lock-up periods that restrict you from selling your shares for a year even if the company goes public in the time. Additionally, even if you see advertisements or public solicitations for participating in a private placement, these deals are open only to the accredited investors, that comprises of individuals who have more than $1 million net worth excluding value of their primary residence or income of more than $200,000 in the present year and each of the preceding 2 years $300,000 for couples.
On the other end, the unregistered shares offered could be a fraud. The firm might not even exist or, if it does, the promoter may be offering shares he does not have or that he acquired in a mysterious transaction. The fraud may also include misrepresentations about the firm and its prospects, that includes the likelihood, time and price of any potential IPO. In the case mentioned above, the defendant claimed falsely that he worked at Goldman Sachs, was a client of the firm and had discounted access, pre-IPO shares of these well-known companies like AOL, Google, Facebook and Rosetta Stone.
The conclusion is that many pre-IPO scams involving the unlicensed individuals selling unregistered securities that is why it is critical to check out the promoter and the investment. And pre-IPO offerings which target the general public especially the ones that are publicized by ”spam” emails that often violate the federal securities laws.
Genesis Investing that presently caught the attention after I received an email.
After finding for a review of the Genesis Investing System, I was very much disappointed with the lack of honest reviews.
That is why I wanted to do some actual research and find out if Genesis Investing is really legit or another scam.
I have invested in the companies for a long time and never realized that people have been fooling them by providing help with investing unless I tried one for myself. I did choose Genesis Investing and that is why I am writing a complaint here. I don’t know how the reviews are spread throughout the internet, as my experience was absolutely different.
Or those who are not aware of these work or who are investing for the first time might find it helpful, which will not be clear unless you have reached the maturity period of stocks which won’t be any sooner.
People who are like me from the same field and investing from a long time, know what the needs are. I have tried out all methodology and have created some wonderful portfolios in the past. I was sucessful in getting a decent profit by my investments in stock. However, I was prepared for it when I came across the advertisement posted by genesis investing.
At first, when the advertisement said that the investment may be as low as $100, I was aware. That is what caught my attention. It is not that I could not make money for investing once again. But, I did not ever tried investing small sum of money as the returns are worth not waiting for. When I came to know that it was possible, I naturally wanted to know more about how to do the same.
I subscribed for the newsletter and also chose for the online course. Everything happened so soon that I did not verify much about the product and just did it. I had to pay for it later. You may find it contradictory as oppossed to everything good written about the course but I am just sharing what I faced.
At first, I would like to tell you about the course. Of course, it is highly overrated. A person like me knows everything that is being taught in the online course. I read online that this course is very simple and easy. Becuase the course only tells you about the basic terms. It has no edge as compared to the ones provided for free.
If you want to cross check then just try to google for the tips and strategies. I bet you will find more information on the internet than what this course provides. For beginners, this course is good but why to pay for it when one can access these materials for free over the internet.
I am almost through 80% of the course and trust me, it has not given me anything that I can use to trade. In simple terms, this is a very bad investment and I have never seen such investments. There are reviews on the internet that claim that the company is been able to make many great portfolios that have brought fortune to people.
There may be some choices that have just clicked. And, that can be played blindly as well. As the strategies that the course teaches are not any different from what I was applying from so long. For investing in startups, the risk is very high but so are the returns. There are only two ways, uphill or downhill. And, both the options are very steep.
The guarantee of everyone profiting with Genesis investing is just a hyped advertising stunt. The newsletter I got did no good to me at all too. I was expecting the suggestions, but there was the way they create the lists of stocks for investment. There were no tips on how they came up with the list of stocks that was supposed to have high prospects in future.
As an investor, I am will spend on something that is given to me without any proper reason. Also, the newsletters seemed to be a selling tactic. The story about how Milner made it this far was too coincidental. The whole objective was clear and it was nothing but sending people cheap advertising emails. I am very disappointed with how these products were presented to me.
Even for the beginners, spending so many dollars for some half-true knowledge is not at all worthy. I have gone through their selections of stocks as well. There is nothing so special. These are just the ones that already known by everyone. Few of the stocks in the list did not seem to be right And, again they have provided the ways as to how they reached to that conclusion.
There are various such courses that claim to be helpful for such investments but the question is that do they really work? Atleast for the half of the people who spend their time and money on them.
I did not get anything at all. The course is not at all sufficient. The newsletter is also overpriced for the material it adds. Everything that Genesis investing tells you is a false hope to make you dream big. The sole reason why people are opting for this course is that it teaches to begin investing from $100.
This was why I wanted to try the course and I am not satisfied that I did that. The company is not unique. It is just like any other shop that sell shit and show fantasy to the customers. If you want to save your time and money both, do not trust them and refrain Genesis Investing. People working for this company and even Matt, have no knowledge at all about what they are trying to sell.
At the end of the day, it is just about selling it to the customers and make profit for themselves. I wpuld like to ask them why don’t you make money investing your own money? This is a scam. They are a fraud. Instead of providing the promised services, the course is full of shit. Do not invest in Genesis Investing any money.

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