The Law Office of Ramos and Del Cueto

If you in rough time, do not make your life hell by consulting them.

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They show so much professionalism which depicts their ego and they show ego to their customers. They also show ego of the knowledge they got, though they disrespect you. Their staff will first waste too much time by paperwork that is even not needed. Taking an appointment is very hard as they will tell you that they are professional and you have to wait. This depicts their ego and their staff will talk to you that you don’t know anything. They won’t explain you in detail about what to do about your case and make you run around everywhere.

They are not much compassionate and punctual as they told to be. They took their own time before meeting with you this makes you wait till, they appear. So, you must have lots of patience for this. You won’t get the respect you from here which you expect from a professional firm. They won’t listen your whole and will conclude this shows that they are not too attentive with your problems. They’ll call you back to their office for no reason even if you are busy somewhere else. They’ll charge you much higher than anyone else for some cases also which could have done without any charges but they’ll charge you instead. If you call them for an appointment first, they’ll make you hold the line after that if you ask for an appointment, they’ll say that you have to call the next day. After that, they give you an appointment but days later than you asked for. Delay in time can make a severe problem or maybe you’ll be in jail. So, asking them for your case you have to wait a day when they give you an appointment or simply you have to search for any other trusted party which may get out of your problem soon.

They extend your case and make you come to them again and again which will make you hopeless somehow. The worst part is that they will charge you for every time you come to them which they include after the case is over and if you ask for this extra charge, they say that they have a charge for their professional service that is given to you. This may take you feel cheated but you won’t have a chance to do anything you’ll have to pay for them. You won’t get treated fairly.

They won’t assist you instead of that they’ll ask you about your case and make you feel embarrassed in front of the staff. They individually ask about the case and will give different advice that may make you confuse the first time and this confusion will last till your case ended. so this is up to you that first, you have to obey the rules and regulations. If had done something wrong then ask for the best one to get out of the situation and save yourself from these kinds of firms.

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