Reed Chrysler

They have terrible business services. Don't go to them

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Reed Chrysler is a company dealing in new and used vehicles and provides other facilities such as oil change, car washing, etc. Due to the company’s famous name, I decided to purchase a used vehicle from them. Though the place was a bit far from the residential area, I was completely fine with it. When I reached there, I found complete chaos and hustle there. The whole staff was downstairs leaving their work undone. They had formed different groups among themselves and were chatting with each other, which made the area noisy and messy. At first sight, I was a bit confused and tensed to see it but then I asked one of their staff about the same. He replied to me that they had a half-day, that day. I was amazed to hear that as when I had searched about the company, it’s working hours and other details, I didn’t find any such off or half-day. When I asked for the same to one of their senior staff he replied in a monotonous voice that it usually happens there. I wondered how can the staff of any company decide whether it is going to be a full working day or a half-day.

Though, I  went there the next day and asked them to show me a used vehicle. They asked me to wait for a few minutes but those minutes turned into one hour, but still, none of them came to me. Approximately after one and half an hour one salesman came to me and asked me the sort of service I wanted. I told him in every detail about the type of vehicle I was looking for. He took me near the showroom and started showing me the vehicles. Though I had explained to him in advance about my requirements in details still he didn’t show me the apt vehicle. I don’t know why he acted like that. I told him again what I actually wanted but still, he did the same. It was appearing as if he wasn’t bothered and concerned about their customer’s preferences. Then, I asked one of their senior staff for a different salesman, but he didn’t put any focus on me and was continuously doing his work. He ignored me completely. But on my continuous urges, he listened to me and sent a new salesman to serve me. But all in vain. Even,  he did the same as the earlier one.

I would say that the moral ethics of the company are demeaned. From lower to a higher level all the members are soo mean and rude. None of them were concerned about my preferences, and in return, they were looking to me as if I was not going to pay them. Even, the head member was soo arrogant and rude, he wasn’t even bothered at all, and ignored me completely.

What sort of moral value do they imbibe?

I would not recommend them. As they just insult and disrespect their customers. They have terrible business services. Don’t go to them!!

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