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regarded as a motivational speaker even if he might have inspired none!!

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Thomas Bilyeu well known as Tom Bilyeu is the co-founder of Quest Nutrition as well as regarded as a motivational speaker even if he might have inspired none!!

Let me clear one thing, no one gets motivation from motivational speeches and videos. People just read, watch it and they get motivated for a millisecond then they started wasting time on YouTube. No one is born genius neither Thomas Bilyeu, so stop comparing yourself with others and start competing with your own self. All motivational speeches and articles are wastage of time until you don’t want it bad enough. Tom Bilyeu is best known for the development of impact theory which is a media company designed to leverage commerce to deliver and impact global culture. Not sure whether the impact theory has left an impact on any individual’s life!!
Tom talks about the negative voices that we have in our head instead of silencing these voices he insists that we should leverage them instead. He is a lazy person!
I have been one of the consumers of Tom Bilyeu’s products, from the quest bars to his mumbo-jumbo talks regarded as impact theories. I have used both of these spin-offs and ended up regretting it. A few months ago, I ordered the quest nutrition munchies. I happen to consume those bullshit stinking munchies for about a year. Initially they had a very good taste to them and they used to send a box per week but after few weeks I observed the change in the taste of the munchies. I was never a diabetic but later on developed some complications because of consuming these quest nutrition munchies. After weeks when I discovered the change in taste, I gave a look at the composition and expiry date. They had changed the staples and the nutrition bar composition and only 6 days were left in the expiry of the bars. I started to feel ill and thankfully that day I was at home. I called my family doctor and he told me that my blood sugar levels have gone up. Buyers beware, save your money and maintain your healthy life. Do not consume the quest bars, avoid them for your safety.
Every product invented by Thomas Bilyeu is meant for his benefits but never considerate of his consumers. Quest nutrition company should not experiment with the nutrition composition else should bang the doors and try some other business opportunities. Tom Bilyeu is reckless and self-centred individual who sees individuals as money generating gadgets. His product messed up with my health and swiped my money. So, as I have faced the circumstances so I am surely going to spread awareness to wide awake the society. A piece of advice to those who are in love with protein products please stay away from the quest nutrition products. Do not be a victim of unpleasant ramification and as far as the impact theory is concerned you can just follow Tom Bilyeu on social media but do not waste your money signing up for the thing, he is calling impact theory university that thing is hogwash press conference with empty philosophy. Run from Tom Bilyeu products!!!


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