Three Men Movers

they make false promises to fool the customers.

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Looking at the website of Three Men Movers, I decided to hire them for the purpose of shifting my house. I had very expensive and delicate belongings and therefore I couldn’t take a risk to give it to any other hand. Their website seemed very attractive to me and the content they have written there was just very promising that anyone would hire their services.

But unfortunately, unlike their promises I didn’t get the expected services and just got disappointment even after paying a huge amount. Their workers are very unprofessional and really have no sense of talking. They were miss behaving very often and also eating harmful substances which was not at all acceptable when they were around my children.

Moreover, they brought very small vehicle to carry the stuffs and belongings, also the vehicle was in very poor condition. It was full of dust and dirt. They didn’t even take care for my belongings, they just threw it inside the vehicle like it is of no use anymore. This was really very upsetting. But things went worst when I saw that almost belongings of mine were broken and full of scratches.

I immediately called their manager to complain. But he didn’t pick up the call. I tried almost 10-15 times but he didn’t. Later when I went to their office and complained, they just lied and denied their duty. They behaved like they didn’t know anything and even didn’t compensate me. He didn’t even talked to me properly and asked me to leave. They just not wasted my time and money, but also broke my trust. They have no business ethics and values. Even manager miss behaved.

I would never recommend anyone to hire their services as they are just fake and make false promises to fool the customers.

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