not just that this man's products are unsatisfactory, he is a scammer too

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If you are a man with fashion sense and into fashion trends, you might have read a few articles before going out to some party or event, or have watched a video to guide you with fashion tips. Being a person, who always likes to appear properly dressed for all kinds of events, like a wedding party, a job interview, or a casual outing, I too did try to take any suggestions from the internet.

As a well-groomed person, what I mostly came across during my fashion exploring was a YouTube channel of the name, ‘Real Men Real Style’. You might have come across too or will come across in future if you like well grooming too. Now, this channel has been in existence for about 8 long years, with a whopping of over 2 million subscribers. The videos are basically about how to dress properly, what fragrance to wear or how to wear, improving bad habits, and sometimes even how to behave like a gentleman with ladies. The channel is owned by Antonio Centeno, who also owns a website by the same name. The videos seemed quite fine and useful. And they are interesting, I mean who wouldn’t like a guy speaking confidently wearing any piece of clothing confidently and in style?

But after watching a few videos, you might find the video introductions boring, as it might be too long to get to the point in some videos. With a large number of subscribers, followers, fans and views, it is hard to not get attracted to his guides. Nobody asks questions about the authenticity of the brand.

I want to share my experience with a few of his products, for example, the guidebooks in Amazon. I won’t write that those were worthless all over, but what I want to write is it talks more about introductions, negative information that might make you lose confidence if you don’t have a perfect man physique. One of the guide books was about a certain number of ways a man can wear a necktie, which is filled with not-so-different ways from what I already knew, given that I am a person who likes to be careful about dressing. Well, there might be some ways or techniques that I didn’t know, but those are mostly because I will never be able to use anywhere in events that I appear in my life. The guidebooks give you an idea, but not talking anything in-depth, as a book should. Talking about the price, which is one of the reasons why the purchase was a disappointment, it was unreasonable for as compared to what’s inside the guides.

When you think my experience can’t get any worse, comes the fact that I recently found out, not just that this man’s products are unsatisfactory, he has also been reviewed as a scammer. And why not? After all those nicely done free videos and presentations, people would generally expect better things when they pay for something from him. It is easy to run scams when you have such a good name at online presence, nobody can tell. I, honestly, want to suggest you to not waste any amount of price in any of the products, just because of his famous appearance.

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