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Can never think of visiting the clinic again

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This was the first visit I made to Timber Dental in Portland. I was expecting to have a good experience there but what I got was something different. On my very first visit there I found things unorganized with a receptionist who was busy talking over the phone. The place seemed to be full of the staffs working there but most of them were sitting idle. The doctor was two hours late for my check-up. While checking he kept on clicking pictures of my teeth from different angles for about half an hour and after which the report was found to be normal. For just a simple check up I was charged an amount which was quite high then the other dental clinics who have proper staff management and responsible doctors. Though the clinic had more than 4 doctors available that day who had no work at that moment decided to sit idle rather than choosing to do my check-up. The clinic was a complete mess with some extra fancy and modern environment and setups. I really had a painful experience there. The place is so sophisticated with so many people who have no work there. Paying such amount getting this experience is not worth it. The environment is not so friendly there. Can never think of visiting the clinic again and will never recommend it to anyone. They do a free dental clinic for a day in Portland and that is definitely to attract more people towards there clinic. They work like a proper business on the basis of first come first serve which is not right in the case of medical science. There must be an equal treatment of all the patients and the one who has an urgency for treatment must be treated first. they should be given preference and made feel better for what they come for trusting the other ones who here, in this case, are their doctors.

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