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I don't support unnecessary treatment on patient for money

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I thought of writing this as more people should know about this and be aware of this place. I have not been to a dentist in a long time. Recently I felt like I needed to go for a dental care check up. Now my old dentist have retired so I decided to visit Dr. Black. The dentist checked me and told me that I had a number of problems. I was handed out a list of things with their costs that actually seemed to be very high. I was unsure as I haven’t been to a dentist for a long time so I don’t have any idea about the cost. So I decided to go for a second opinion.

When I inquired at other offices, the rate of Dr. Black was more than 40% and 120% higher! After more deep analysis I got to know that there was this ”Oregon standard pricing” that about 90% of Dentists in the state follow or use it as a guide and Dr Black’s office did not do that! Also they have some kind of proprietary insurance that is good at their office only.

Also they recommended some treatment to some of my teeth that were not required as the other offices felt. It seemed like they were just doing it without any reason.

If you have a good insurance you can go ahead with this office as they really give you good treatment but at a cost that is too high than other offices. Also, they have latest facilities that they use as an excuse to justify their high cost. Anyway, it is still unethical. However, I don’t support unnecessary treatment on patient for money.

Personally I will never go back to them for the sole reason that they were trying to sell me a payment package. Also they were doing unnecessary treatment on me that could have had a reverse effect. Please verify with other offices before you listen to Dr. Black. Don’t be their money plant.

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