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had an extreme terrifying experience

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I have had an extreme terrifying experience with Dr. Barry Cohen and Dr. Susan Schlesinger Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. When I had called for booking an appointment, the staff was cordial and offered great help. But, everything was fake and eventually turned out to be totally opposite and I had to face harassment and extreme dissatisfaction. I had been given an appointment on a Tuesday 11 am, but when I went I faced extreme rude behaviour and was kept waiting till the doctor arrived. They could not give me a proper time. I waited. The doctor did not turn up till 4 pm. Upon inquiring, the receptionist arrogantly asked to wait or else to leave and come another day. I gave in as I had to urgently fix my teeth.
I saw the doctor at 2 and he examined in a very unprofessional and unethical manner. I had to get my teeth aligned properly and as after doing few research, I could either choose to install braces, invisalign, crowns, or veneers. But the doctor turned out to be greedier and asked me to undergo a horrendous series of treatments from total mouth cleanup and thereby cosmetic dentistry surgery. I agreed and trusted him. But to my horror, I had extreme bad results with a massive amount of expenditure. They charged me much more than what was agreed upon giving them the name of some dentist terms and hospital charges. They threatened to file a lawsuit against me. I was scared and paid. I was extremely unsatisfied with my results. Upon further appointments to correct, dr said that my situation was very bad and my teeth cannot be corrected beyond this and that I should see another doctor. I was extremely angry. I was unsure of what to do. They terrified me by the way they behaved. Stay away from Dr. Barry Cohen and Dr. Susan Schlesinger Family and Cosmetic Dentistry.

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