Tryon Family Dentistry

Always check the procedures DONE and billing done. They will rip you off

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Terrible service! To start with I have been given much faulty information about payment options and plans. I feel like my money was stolen from me. They are unable to provide adequate and legitimate information about what I needed in terms of dental work as well as how much each service costs, based on my health insurance. They blamed their inadequacy on the insurance plan and how it is not their fault that they cannot add and subtract.

Next their male receptionist knew that I was not able to speak properly because I just had fillings done on several of my teeth, and that’s when he chose to tell me that I had to pay more than what I had initially been told. It was a very unprofessional way of handling things or rather I would term it as very unethical.

Moreover I had to keep reminding the doctor because he kept forgetting portions of the dental work. Just come to think of it. Many times this happened. They also kept postponing what I had requested for as a specific service (which the doctor agreed to do on subsequent visits) so that I would have to come in multiple times and pay for the visits. Guess it is a technique adopted to earn extra. They do not realize that for each visit one has to take out time, may be take a day off from work. Others inconvenience do not matter as long as they fill their coffers.

I went here because of all the ”great” reviews on here seemed so convincing, but neither of the reviews reflected my experience. Do not know how genuine the previous reviews were.

I do not recommend them at all. I am very dissatisfied with both the paperwork portion and the dental services that I received here

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