Titan Roofing LLC

unprofessional and irresponsible.

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Roof of my house was leaking from past few days and while searching through I got to know about this company and desperately called them to fix appointment but they did not answer or respond to my calls or mails but what I got is their voice mail though they called me after some days and schedule appointment. On my visit the staff seems kind and had generous behaviour yet no one assisted me and greet me. The office was brandish as well as was well maintained and clean but it had an awful smell.


While after waiting for about an hour I met the owner he took my instructions and covenant that they would come and look out the problem and solve it soon but it did not happen as they did not show up for a week neither they replied to my calls and mails. While on a weekend I got a call from them that one of their members is coming to look out the problem as per schedule he showed up on time but he hardly took half an hour and went back. While next day they start working and gave me words that they accomplished the work in a week.


But they took a month to complete their work as they did not come to work regularly and when they did, they remain busy in talking about unnecessary things. While when enquired they gave me rude glances and also sometime talked to me arrogantly and ill – mannered. They are unprofessional and irresponsible. Nevertheless, they completed the work but that was not of any use but just waste of money as leakage did not stop at all not only this, they did not even take the responsibility of what they had done.

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