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Terrible experience with Dr. Vason

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Choosing a dentist was a tough job for me. I hate long waiting time, painful procedures and also how time consuming these can be. But I did want a cosmetic procedure done. And my regular dentist, with whom I had a great experience, disappointed me to no end.

I have been to Vason Family Dentistry for quite some time now. I was very pleased with the way treatments were going on. It was a little expensive, but I ignored them as I was getting other things the way I wanted. Until, the one time I wanted a cosmetic procedure. This was probably the only time and also the last time I went to the Basin Family Dentistry.

My request for the cosmetic procedure was not entertained at first. And I was not even given a proper reason for that. And then, suddenly, I was booked for a long session. I thought I would finally get the procedure done. But I was so wrong.

Instead, what I got from the doctor was a long lecture. And one that I don’t think I even deserved. I wanted the procedure and it was my choice. If he did not want to do it, he could well have declined with a reason. But instead he chose to be rude to me and blasted me for wanting the procedure. And the worst part, I was billed heavily for this long session which produced nothing productive for me other than knowing that the doctor does not want me to get the procedure done, without any good reason why. I felt so cheated not just with the heavy fee bit also having wasted my time to tell me his preferences for a procedure I wanted. Disappointed and never going back to Vason Family Dentistry ever, unless I want to be with a rude dentist.

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