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very bad insurance service.

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5 stars.? 4000+ households trust.? All fake. Give us real data and we are going to believe you because I don’t believe at all. I want my money back and made a complaint to as against them. Insurance providers are meant to ensure us about whatever we are getting insured instead of making out our life a living hell. They don’t save your money, instead, they charge you with same and later ask you to go away showing any particular reason why the insurance policy won’t work therein.
The hiding of facts and figures, they charged me with this when I approached them to avail facility as regards what I wanted them to pay me for. I showed all the relevant documents and all the paid slips but all they were interested were to stand on their point that I was hiding facts of the circumstances under which the loss-making scenario exists.
Southern California, this is where I belong from and considering them the one I went to ask for an insurance policy.
I took motorcycle insurance from them and went ahead to pay them every month charge.
But recently I faced a small accident and my motorcycle was badly damaged. I survived but my motorcycle didn’t and this made me approach my insurance covered who wanted me to show everything was asked for. Driving licence, papers of ownership, etc, etc, I showed all and waited. after 5 months they come to the conclusion that I was not eligible to receive the same. Why.? Give reasons.? On being asked was said that the accident was my mistake and I was not eligible.
I tried but they didn’t listen and so I raised a complaint as against them.
I won’t recommend their service to anyone out there who wants to get Best. Think before you approach them guys. This was insurance for the bike it can be your life too. What if they don’t pay.?

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