Engle Dentistry – Downtown Naples

Very shady business

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As a person living in the current economy and facing the price hikes, I understand the need of a health insurance. And for a dentistry to accept one is automatically off my list, as it should be. Not everyone can afford credit. Engle Dentistry located in downtown Naples is surely one of the places I will not go to as they are said to have the same problem.
I usually look for reviews on a place I plan on visiting before actually heading there. It gives me an idea on what to expect and whether it is worth it after all. So, I was searching for a good dentistry that is good and affordable enough to get my routine care done. I was looking up Engle Dentistry when I came across a yelp review that helped me make a wise decision. It informed me that they do not accept insurance, which would have been a blow to my bank and also that the staff is very irritable and not at all friendly with the patients. I called them to enquire about the same, but they cut me off saying they were too busy and only were taking calls for appointments. Being alive for 39 years has had given me this experience at least that if you do not have compassion being in a place of treatment, then it is a waste of profession for everyone around, including that person. It is vital for people at a hospital, clinic or dentistry to maintain patience, décor and friendliness with patients in order to make them calm, and help them. It is a shame to hear that Debbie had to go through something like that. I would advice others to gain experience from her words and research thoroughly about a place. Engle Dentistry is not for everyone, and that is unfortunate.

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