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the place has nothing substantial to offer

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I had no idea that a simply spa therapy could go this wrong. In fact, it had to be as the spa in question was not a spa at all. I had booked an appointment with W Med Spa assuming that it was a place where I was going to get some relaxing treatment for myself. In fact, when they told me of the various options they had, I thought it was in addition to the other regular spa procedures. However, the experience was not good at all. Their premises at 1401 Avocado Ave #810 was quite good, in fact, it was a bit too flashy. When I walked in, the person at the reception was not very welcoming at all. In fact, when I wanted to ask her about the procedures in detail, she talked to me in a manner as if I did not know anything. I was feeling ill at ease already but I had driven a long distance, and did not want to return empty handed, especially because of a pesky receptionist. However, I should have taken the signal and returned right away. The entire session was such a waste of money. There was nothing that I liked and it was more of a cosmetic clinic than anything else. They tried to push me to get some treatment or body correction which I had no need of. Eventually, I simply had to leave disappointed after a waxing session which hurt like hell. The people at this place are keeping up a very different façade and there is nothing medicinal or therapeutic about them. I drove all the way up and down for nothing and I would take good care to let everyone know that the place has nothing substantial to offer and only preys on the insecurities of women.

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