Martin A. Bassett

They will only ruin people’s lives for money

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The smiling faces of the staff may fool you, but their service will definitely show the truth behind their façade. In North Caroline, you will not find a DDS as unreliable as Wainright and Wassel’s. This Raleigh based team project a philosophy of premier practice and high standards of oral care for their patients, but the reality is far from that. I met them through a group where they stated their doctors could fix overbite and worn teeth. The doctors sold the upper and lower veneers, so I appointed my niece in for an appointment. The doctor ground all the teeth and put in many dentures. For every tooth a veneer was given, the full cost of which stood at $14,000. After we came home, my niece was in extreme pain and could not stop crying. We made a visit to Wainright and Wassel’s again, where her teeth were ground up until her Denton had been exposed. Veneers that were given also started wearing off. Her gums still bleed today. Over $6,000 has already been spent for replacing the broken veneers or dead teeth.

I was more than horrified at the severe unaccountability of the dental doctors. My niece and I had fallen prey to unskilled and irresponsible doctors who did not care a dime about their patient’s welfare. I later got to know that the dental doctor appointed to my niece had an awful history of drug abuse and alcohol. Doctors of such incapability with the industry of dentals are a shame to the others working hard for the common people. It is a life advice to people to stay far away from fraudulent doctors like the Wainright and Wassel’s who glam up their offices but have no responsibility and skills of a DDS. They will only ruin people’s lives for money.

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