Waterfront Gourmet Café & deli Dilworth plaza

I don't understand giving any customer BURNT BREAD for a sandwich

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I heard a lot about this cafe but the reality is quite different When I went to this café, I realized that the sandwiches read better than they are prepared. I just bought a grilled cheese with tomato and it was sad. I don’t understand giving any customer BURNT BREAD for a sandwich. It just KILLS any flavour and made me angry enough to type this!

It’s OK! I don’t know if something has changed with the products they use, or it depends on who makes the food. The hoagies used to be delicious. Here lately, they’re not tasting the same. The produce is fresh, & the meat and everything, but it’s something about the roll that’s just not the same. The bread used to be firm on the outside and moist and chewy on the inside, but now its not that way. The texture is not the same. They are flat with no substance. The manager was kind enough to replace the sandwich, but it still wasn’t the same. Every sandwich lover knows, its the “BREAD” that makes the sandwich.

In fact, when I purchased a turkey hoagie from this location and the roll was very style, old and hard! How could you sell someone such poor-quality product? I am quite sure while it was being made that it was noticed how un-fresh the roll was.

The service here was absolutely awful. It over priced” healthy food” and add bad, rude service on top of that. Couldn’t be worse.

In fact, food is never on time. 3 times my orders were late by 10 or more minutes and twice they didn’t see my orders through Caviar until I came into the store and asked about my order. Those 2 times I never got my food.

Now I never suggest any to go to this café as it doesn’t even have good service

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