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Never going back to Wendell Family Dentistry

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Never going back to Wendell Family Dentistry.

My husband, daughter and myself had a couple of procedures done from him in the past. He is expensive, but his work has been good and that is why we did not mind going there. But it was his finance manager, whatever her name is that has really messed it up for him and for the patients too. They now seem to be only after the patient’s money.

She is the person responsible for finance, so we assumed that she would have a better understanding of insurance and what procedures are covered and what not. When we asked initially if an optional procedure I was planning to have was covered under our insurance plan or not, she seemed confident and said it was. And then during check prior to the procedure, she did not communicate anything to us. After the procedure, we received the complete bill with a deadline of around a month to pay. It was only at this point that we came to know that the procedure was not covered in our insurance plan. Okay, maybe we should have been more careful and read our insurance plan carefully ourselves. But surely, this incident made us wary of going to Wendell Family Dentistry.

But the latest experience was the nail in the coffin. We believed that the earlier incident was not the doctor’s fault. So when my daughter complained of toothache, we decided it was time to go again. And when we went there, even before the doctor looked into her mouth, we were asked to get X-rays done of her mouth, without even a look. And they were ordered by the doctor. We had her checked elsewhere and the solution was a minor filling procedure. Really disappointed with  Wendell Family Dentistry..


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