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Wesley Virgin scammed me! I bought the fat diminisher program from him a couple years back and I found it to be quite good, so we can say I was one of the early fans of Wesley, however, with his Overnight Millionaire, he has taken U turn. He wasn’t a scammer back then, at least as far as I can tell. But frankly his Overnight Millionaire program is absolutely useless and he only wants to take people’s money and give them false hope. It’s disgraceful what he is doing! My friend actually bought Overnight Millionaire program and that’s how I came to know about the real quality of the program.

What REALLY is Overnight Millionaire?

So Wesley’s marketing team claims that the Overnight Millionaire program is a mind boggling program which is made after doing ”heavy research”. But the reality cannot be farther from the truth! The Overnight Millionaire program is nothing but a compilation of meditations, motivational quotes and BS. Yep that’s it, if you can go to brainyquote website, download some quotes and then watch a meditation video, you are done. That’s all what Overnight Millionaire program provides. It is NOT going to help you in any way.

My friend actually sent me his copy of the program and I tried it for a day too. It is just too corny!

Why Wesley Virgin should be avoided?

The program is targeted towards those who want motivation and false hope in their lives. The Covid19 has hit the world bad and this guy is taking advantage of the pandemic. Everyone is feeling down especially with all the riots and the virus stuff going on. And here’s this guy claiming he can make people Millionaires with his tricks. What Wesley is doing, is totally unethical and his ways of going about it are even worse. He is not only morally wrong, he is actually making fake claims! I read this viral Wesley Virgin review where it said that he has gotten fake posts written online from big name websites. I thought this was totally wrong, it seemed like a conspiracy theory. But when I looked into it, the damn thing was true. Wesley has gotten fake Quora answers written, fake positive reviews written and fake YouTube reviews done. I’m probably too late to hop in the wagon as many people have exposed the truth about Wesley Virgin. But I wanted to share my experience as well, because what he is doing shouldn’t be tolerated!

I hope this guy learns something and fires whoever is telling him to get all these fake contents online, this is not any way to build a name for yourself but it seems that Wesley is living in his own world. As someone who used to appreciate Wesley, I’m disappointed. Out of all the gurus online, I never expected Virgin to become a scammer. But it is what it is. I would advise everyone to avoid Wesley Virgin and the Overnight Millionaire Program. It’s totally useless…


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