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They are rude unprofessional , just looking ways to mint money

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My twin sister was expecting her second baby and this time around she was quite relaxed and more confident, having already gone through the tough part once with her first child. However, little did we know that this time around, things were going to get a lot tougher. My sister’s husband had to move to Dearborn, MI, due to work and my sister had to go with him as they did not want to stay apart during such an important time in their lives. Once there, they had booked an appointment with West Village ObGyn and this was probably their biggest mistake ever. The doctors and nurses here seemed fine at first, but soon my sister and her husband were told that there were complications with the pregnancy and they were told to do one test after another. Both of them were new in that area at the time so they did not know what to do. My sister had a natural birth the first time around and she was planning to do the same for the second, but they kept on insisting that it would be best to go for a c- section this time around. My sister and her husband were just not sure what to do and so one day they drove all the way back to where they initially were, and went to consult her previous gynecologist, who had helped her with her first child. And she said, everything was absolutely fine! There was no need to worry about her health or the baby and she could have her normal delivery again if she wanted to. By this time, she was almost six months pregnant. They took an important decision where she finally agreed to stay back with our parents so that she could be close to her gynecologist and my brother-in-law kept visiting her every weekend till the baby came. Now all four of them are back together, and thank god, they did not listen to the doctors at West Village, who we are now sure, are pure scams.

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