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doctors at Westchase are very unresponsive

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I had to learn the biggest lesson of my life the hard way when I had to take my aunt, who is actually, a mother figure in my life, for her cancer treatment. It is always best to rely on known doctors with whom you have worked for years and who know your history, rather than trying to go for someone new just because they have some better infrastructure to flaunt. My aunt was diagnosed with cancer, but thankfully it was still in the first stage. However, I wanted to do the best for her and took her to Westchase Clinical Associates, because they have an oncology department and it seemed like they would provide individual treatment to patients which is somewhat lacking in a hospital. Looks like, I was wrong. Cancer treatment can be expensive, and even with insurance, there are expenses that have to be borne. Well, right from the time she was admitted there, my aunt received very little individual attention. The nurses and doctors only came in and when there were tests to be done and they often refused to speak about it in details when I asked them. I had no idea which way the treatment was going and was there any improvement in her condition or not and I was only told that all was good and that I would be informed if there were any developments. This sense of not knowing was actually quite debilitating and I finally decided to remove her into more conventional care. My aunt is in remission today and I am glad I took the call. The doctors at Westchase are very unresponsive and are completely oblivious as to how the near and dear ones of the patients might be feeling. They will only come to talk to you when they have to hand you the bills and behave as if no one else knows anything.

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