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they invest in dead stocks

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My sister was looking for some urgent money help as she was going through some financial crisis. She had come across this company, Whelan Financials. She did not have the time to find out the reputation and performance of the company in the market.

So she visited them, talked to their managers, and then to the advisor assigned to her. Everything seemed fine to her, and she decided to take their help for investing the small amount that she had.

One of the major reasons that she chose the company was that it was near her house, and she could monitor her account easily. She would save pennies for this, and make some small amount of investments every day. She did this constantly for around 3-4 years and then, when her financial crisis ended, she visited the bank asking for the money back.

During these 3-4 years, she had not monitored her account much as she was very caught up in her life. And these useless people, I don’t know how do they even call themselves capable enough to deal with investments.

They invested her money in dead stocks and these stocks gave no returns. On arguing with, even more, the company said that she would have to cover her losses, as the company doesn’t own up the losses.

I mean like what? She came to you for help, as she was unaware of the investment world, and you turned to be so foolish to invest in dead stocks. Some people say, that it is their trick to not pay back their customers. For one thing, is sure, that never invest your money through a financial company that isn’t well-known or has a good experience with someone you know

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