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Do not... Repeat... Do not bring anything here to be fixed

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White Energy Motors, one of the leading car dealers, with a very high rating on social media, I went there with a lot of expectations. But the scenario was just opposite, it was like name big philosophy small. I had heard that it is better to take an appointment before making a visit at the outlet and being a working person, I prefer to go with appointments. I made several

attempts to contact them, to understand if appointment is required and at what time I could make a visit for purchasing a car. But there was no response from their side for two days. When finally, the call got connected I enquired about the store timings.

On making the visit at the allotted time, there was no one to show the cars. The manager was fifteen to twenty minutes late. Anyways I ignored that and went on with the sales enquiry, price, model, engine etc. I longed for two car models and manager gave an offer for test drive so that my confusion is vanished. I agreed for test drive at morning time the next day. The person appointed for test drive was late by an hour without any information. He neither picked up call nor respond to messages, I was feeling be fooled at that point of time. I thought he is never going to come and I had to compromise my office timings too. But then he came making an excuse of traffic. I began to have negative points from that time but still I went for their brand name and goodwill.

After the test drive I realized that tyres were not in very good condition and probably they were not of good quality. So while finalizing the deal I asked them to lower the prices to which they denied saying it is already taken into consideration. Finally, I made the purchase after many negotiations. I was surprised to know that there was  no provision of free service that usually other brands do provide because with car service and repairs are major issues.

After some months I needed to make some repairs and also the engine oil need to be changed so I contacted them for repairs and maintenance. Again, it was very difficult to establish communication. So I took my car over there and they denied to take it for repairs as there was a lot of work .i somehow convinced them and then they delayed the service for a week. Can you imagine I got my car after a week. And it was in much worse condition I feel. The maintenance staff is very careless. They would risk someone’s life with this level of carelessness. I ended up showing my car to local mechanic to resolve my issues with car. White energy motors are highly unprofessional people, to be very honest. They never keep up to their words. I would saying I had the worst car experience with them. So I would never ever recommend you to go over there.

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