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not quite satisfied with the thoroughness of the checks done by them

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Being a first time home buyer is so exciting and also it can be very over whelming. No matter how well you inspect the house, how many times you see it, there is always a small amount, a very tiny bit, of suspicion that you are missing something wrong with this house. And that is where home inspectors come in to the scene. And for my new house, my agent got in touch with WIN Home Inspection. And boy was that a mistake.

So, first mistake, not parking properly and causing disturbance to the neighbours. So basically, we had a terrible impression even before we stepped into the house and became a part of the neighborhood.

Even if I give him the benefit of the doubt that he missed the old no parking board sign and let it go as an honest mistake, but what he missed inside the house cannot be overlooked.

So, he came into the house to check the leaks and wiring and see if there is any mould on the furniture or how the heating and insulation system works. And forgot to close the tap completely, leaving it slightly open and water flowing everywhere. He had given a green signal to the plumbing then, and here I am, two months in our new home and have leakages already.

And guess what we found when we found when taking down a wall for the plumber to repair the leak? A rot in the bathroom.

Other than these two major problems, we also found that the wiring was not of adequate quality and that roof needed a bit of repair work too. And we got this from our guests. It was embarrassing. I am not quite satisfied with the thoroughness of the checks done by WIN Home Inspections.

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