WinCo of South Texas

very untrue to the online reputation they have

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my friend suggested me of WinCo who clean window glasses . I even checked its price and service online and find it quite good than I fixed an appointment and went there next day. As I went there, I saw that the office was not clean and smelled awful though after waiting for couple of hours and not being assisted by any of staff member I finally met the owner. He explained me whole procedure and prices along with about various services which they provide like repairing of window, cleaning of exterior facades paint and waterproof product. .

next day when I asked them, they made lame excuses to somehow ignore the issue and again they assure me that they will get it done in some time . I called them number of times but they did not respond and after waiting for 2 days I had to visit there again. This time staff was quite rude and also arrogant as well as the owner even after their mistake not mine. Then I wait there and for two hours to get my car and till than I was not even asked for coffee or anything rather I was feeling ignored.

anyway next day the worker came .During cleaning  one of the staff member broke the glass of window they are so irresponsible and not even sorry for that. While I also had to paid for that broken window glass which they fix it but charged somewhat price for that too and even I face problem in paying the bill as they refused to accept my credit card which they agree to accept earlier.

This is my worst experience ever as the staff is not cooperative, friendly and helpful neither owner is even I feel owner should be responsible at least but I found owner more defensive rather responsible. They did not make deliver on time and neither their services are good even I find it worse. The office was more like a showroom but is not clean and even their technique is not good as they end up with breaking window which cost me than their so-called cleaning services which was not of good quality.

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