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Staff and doctors are not good

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My mother had been suffering from gum problems for a long time that is when one of my aunts suggested winter Park family dentistry and prosthodontics. In the meantime, as we had some bad experiences from local dentistry we gave this dentistry a try as there were a lot of positive reviews about it. We had an evening appointment but my mother started experiencing a sudden pain that day since Dawn. That’s why we tried to reschedule the appointment in the morning so that we can visit the dentistry as soon as possible.

First of all the staff were not supportive and I could not get an appointment for the morning. But somehow with some extra payment, we could squeeze our appointment for the afternoon as everywhere else was already booked. We took our mum to them as quickly as we could but still, we had to sit about half an hour even though it was already time for our appointment. My mum was frustrated and Angry due to her pain, that she started crying right there at the lobby of winter Park dentistry. Instead of understanding our situation the staff asks her to move out and sit at the patio before the doctor calls for her number. We requested her to provide some painkiller but she absolutely refused. After that we went inside, the doctor examined my mother and said she has Periodontitis and needs immediate surgery as it is at its most severe stage.

We asked the doctor when can he perform the surgery but he said that he was already full and cannot book any other appointment that day. In spite of knowing my mother’s condition he absolutely refuses to perform any surgery that day and didn’t even try to help us get any other doctor’s appointment. We had to run around all day to find a good doctor who will be able to perform the surgery within that day.

Although the surgery was performed successfully we were extremely disappointed by the behavior of the staff and doctors of winter Park dentistry. And we will definitely never recommend them to anyone.

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