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billing standards are quite weird and confusing...stay away

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A person says that it cost a lot to shift from one place to another. True that. Completely agreed but how can someone actually provide us so low rate moving.? Well, I don’t believe it and was really willing to take a chance with one of my friend who was shifting somewhat 10 kms away from where he stayed before.

The simplified moving just removed a zero from what an average cost other companies provide. This is totally next to possible because no one is actually going to bear such huge amount of loss just for providing client services to us. They do have some hidden cost or in some or the other way they will definitely get to pay us for the work we have got. This exactly was my thought before I hired them for their service and my instincts proved to be right.

The carriers were not so better and were all broken, which definitely increased the chances of our items to be transferred to be broken or affected for sure. The carriers were also not sufficient and all the luggage was just pushed in a manner that they might have not been done by some other shifters or even if we hired some professional help from somewhere else.

$45 was their rate for per carriers per hour which was costly for a new starter job seekers and we were taken from areas which were the busiest ones. The petrol might have not burnt so much but we had to pay for every carrier as asked for. They also charged us with some amount which was 0.75$ per minute for reaching our place from where we actually had to shift. Who does that.? I guess there are better service providers out there who don’t play bullshits like this with us. They also had some milege charges which was really hard for us to understand.

Only review, choose well.

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