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regular dentistry session turned this horrible

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I had no idea that a regular dentistry session could turn this horrible. My son was quite disciplined and took care to brush his teeth twice daily without me having to tell him. Nevertheless, on his last dental check up, we were told there was a hint of cavity in one of the tooth but it was nothing to worry about and could be soon taken care of. However, I would have to wait for the dentist who would actually perform the procedure was on vacation and it would be a while before he returned. I did not want to wait that long for fear of my son’s cavity increasing and decided to look somewhere else. With that in mind, I booked an appointment at Yucaipa Dental by calling them at (909) 790-4537. The session started well of course, but once the time came for the cavity to be fixed, I was told to wait outside. I had assumed that the cavity would just be filled with some kind of filler, instead, after a very long wait, when I finally met my son, I found his tooth was extracted! I was told that the cavity was much worse than it looked and so it had to be done. Then I had to pay extra for the procedure and also had to go for a crown, because there was no way I was letting my son go off with a missing tooth. My son was also in considerable pain for the next few days and once his father came back from the business trip, he was also very upset. We took him to another dentist to get his crown and at least he did a marvelous job. However, my son would now have to go for regular checkups to see that the new crown was working fine.

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