Zig Zibit

utterly unprofessional and extremely rude

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The most unprofessional set of people are working here who do not respect other people at all.

Let me share my experience with them. I called them up and was keen to collaborating with them. But, the first phone call changed my perception about them. They were utterly unprofessional and extremely rude to me. I could not believe the level of unprofessionalism they showed. The lady on the phone call was extremely arrogant and talked as if I am on their debt. They did not care about anything.

I told my specifications about my booth structure and they told to come to the office and meet and suddenly disconnected the phone. I went the next day as my appointment was at 10 am. But, they kept me waiting till 1 pm. They did not seem to listen to my specifications and designed an abrupt odd looking booth. After I told them changes, they made it worse which is not at all worth displaying. Now, I have an useless booth structure with embarrassment and harassment. They charged me double of what was promised giving in unnecessary and extra charges of materials, and other insignificant and hideous charges. They threatened me and shouted at me to extract money. They are extremely bad with outdated service and stupid work. Do not fall a prey to them. They are there to just loot you and give you unnecessary bills which you will have to pay. They will one way or the other extract money from you and you would be left bamboozled. Stay away from Zig Zibit and instead choose any other company which will value the money you put in to give you a satisfactory and good result. Do not go here. Here, you will only find disappointment and deceit. Stay away from them.

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