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Frightening how many unsatisfied customer stories globally!

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I belong to Africa and did all my schooling there. In order for my higher education, I decided to go to Canada. There weren’t many visa companies in my city and that is why I approached VFS Global.

It is apparently supposed to be one of the visa companies, which help in immigration at least that is what their hoarding said. Soon after I got shortlisted from my college, I visited them and told them I wanted to apply for a visa.

They told me that they would help me with the whole process and that I need not worry. I was really happy, getting a visa was one among the major tasks in the whole process. But little did I know, what was waiting for me at home.

The charges that they charged me was so high, that my parents had to sell a piece of their land, as i belong to a lower middle-class family. I was very devastated as my parents had to sell away their only piece of land for my education.

The charges that they charged me were as follows,

  1. Multi entry visa to Canada – R980
  2. VFS service fees – R307
  3. Self-service fees to use the application online – R116.05
  4. For help required during self-service – R222.47
  5. For secure transmission of passport to the visa office- R246.27

These were the number of charges that were put up on me. Later on i got to know, that the whole process is not actually this expensive and VFS has cheated on many people like me and made huge amounts of money through their unnecessary charges. Highly not recommend these people.

As of September 2019, VFS Global has a score of 1.5 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. Of the 2,608 submitted reviews by customers, approximately 76% awarded the service 1 star.Common complaints reported include disrespectful behaviour of staff towards customers, failure to follow up timely on applications, delays in returning passports to applicants on time, in addition to lost passports. Former VFS employees have purportedly alleged the outsourcing company is systematically deceitful to visa applicants and that passports have been occasionally mishandled or lost due to poor organization

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