Dawn Jessop, aka “Sugar Baby,” escapes jail time for extortion by a hair’s breadth in .

STAMFORD — When she appeared before a judge in state Superior Court on Monday, an Ohio woman who had been convicted of extorting several thousand dollars from a Greenwich investor the previous year and of breaking the terms of her probation narrowly avoided being sentenced to jail.

Dawn Jessop, 29, from Mansfield, stood impassively as prosecutors announced that they would agree to a conditional discharge. A conditional discharge is a more severe form of probation, and it would allow Jessop to stay in Ohio with her family rather than being sent to prison.

After meeting with the victim’s attorney, Assistant State’s Attorney David Applegate said that they both agreed that a five-year suspended jail term followed by four years of conditional discharge would be an appropriate punishment.

However, Applegate emphasised that Jessop was not allowed to profit from her prior crime and that she was not to make contact with Stephen Dent, who was the victim.
Jessop, who went from having blonde hair to having dark hair for appearance, stated that she was able to comprehend the terms of the agreement. Christopher Jessop, her husband, observed the scene from the benches nearby.

Judge Richard Comerford stated that he would agree with the prosecutors. Still, he gave the impression that he had a different and potentially more severe punishment in mind for Jessop at the outset.

Comerford explained, “At the time, I was of a different mindset.” [citation needed]

Once the sentence was handed down, dawn Jessop’s attorney, Mark Sherman, stated that his client and his co-defendant are looking forward to putting this ordeal in the past 2009.

Sherman expressed his hope that this would end an embarrassing period in his clients’ life, saying, “Perhaps this will offer closure.” “Dawn Jessop and Chris are currently looking forward to moving back to Ohio so that they may lead authentic lives offline.”A former resident of Riverside named Dent told police that he met the Jessops, who was later charged with the first degree on www.SeekingArrangement.com, which is described as an “elite sugar website for “daddy dating,” where men can pay women for companionship in exchange for financial compensation The Jessops were found guilty of this crime and sentenced to one year in prison.

Christopher Jessop was given a sentence of 18 months in jail in May of 2009, and his wife Dawn Jessop, who was referred to as Dent’s “sugar baby,” was given a sentence of three years of probation and a five-year jail term that was suspended. Christopher Jessop was sentenced to serve his time in jail.
Nevertheless, upon Dawn Jessop’s return to Ohio, she was confronted with a felony narcotics conviction and sentenced to probation in that state.

The following month, in September 2009, Jessop was taken into custody by Ohio law enforcement after it was discovered that she had violated her curfew, driven with a restricted licence, and possessed pornography on her mobile device, as reported by the Mansfield News Journal. OxyContin was another drug that the police discovered in the vehicle. A court issued a warrant for her re-arrest when Connecticut authorities became aware of the situation in Ohio. In August, she admitted that the infraction had occurred, although it was unknown at the time whether she would be subject to incarceration.

As Dawn Jessop and Dent became online friends, she and her accomplice blackmailed Dent with embarrassing photos and records of their online conversations until he transferred them a total of fifty thousand dollars.

The police became involved when the Jessops attempted to get additional funds by driving to Connecticut. Dent maintained a network of women, whom he referred to as “slaves,” with whom he spoke on the website. According to the police records, he paid upwards of $200,000 to these women in exchange for friendship and, in some instances, for sex. He was never accused of committing a crime of any kind. As a consequence of the contacts he has developed online,

Dent has been the target of multiple instances of extortion.
A lady who has been referred to as the “head slave” of the online organisation is currently facing charges, but she has decided to pursue her case all the way to trial. The Jessop chapter of the case has now been closed. Patricia Miller, who resides in the state of Michigan, is also accused of attempting to extort Dent. According to her attorney, the timing of the trial has not been decided upon and it is unclear when it will take place.

Patricia’s behaviour “never reached to the level of being illegal,” said Sherman, who also represents Miller. “Despite charges that Patricia was the chief sex slave in this virtual harem, her conduct never rose to the level of being criminal.” “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, especially behind the locked doors of Internet chat rooms.

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