GCG Asia Investigation for Fraud, Impersonation, Scam, and Perjury—Fake Copyright Takedown Scam


The foreign exchange (Forex) and cryptocurrency trading platform known as GCG Asia made the bold assertion that it provided access to outstanding investment opportunities. Nevertheless, it was quickly found that the platform was a hoax, and a great number of investors ended up losing the money that they had worked so hard to gain. This article will dig into the investigation that was conducted on GCG Asia for several fraudulent activities, including impersonation, scamming, fraud, and perjury. In addition, we will investigate the phoney copyright takedown scam that is utilised by the site in order to stifle critics and mislead the general public.

Inquiry of Fraud Committed by GCG Asia

The inquiry into GCG Asia revealed that the platform was a fraudulent company that deceived investors who did not have adequate knowledge about the situation. The platform ran without a licence and was neither supervised or overseen by any governing body in the financial industry. In spite of these obvious warning signs, GCG Asia persisted in luring investors with deceptive promises of great returns on investment.

Investigations into the management of the organisation led to the discovery that it was a complex network of offshore companies and shell corporations. The purpose of this network was to hide the names of the individuals responsible for operating the platform. The investigation also revealed that GCG Asia was engaged in operations related to the laundering of illicit funds and had connections to several syndicates involved in organised crime.

Fraudulent Impersonation

The impersonation scam was one of the methods that GCG Asia utilised in their scheme to defraud investors. In order to provide the impression that it was a legitimate trading platform, the platform utilised fictitious identities, stock photos, and fraudulent credentials. A large number of naive investors lost their money as a result of falling for this con.

GCG Asia utilised cutting-edge technologies in order to con their victims by fabricating a trading interface that gave off the appearance of being genuine. They also built phoney social media identities and websites that provided the idea that major financial firms were endorsing the platform they were using.

Fraud as well as perjury

Over the course of the inquiry into GCG Asia, evidence of fraud and perjury was discovered. The management team of the platform deceived investors by making misleading assertions, such as stating that they were licenced and regulated by the relevant financial authorities. These assertions were complete fabrications that were produced with the objective of fooling investors into trusting the platform through deception and dishonesty.

In addition, when investors started demanding refunds for their lost investments, GCG Asia participated in perjury by submitting fraudulent paperwork to financial regulators. This was done in an attempt to cover up the company’s misconduct. These documents were crafted with the intention of deceiving regulatory authorities into believing that GCG Asia was an authorised trading platform.

In addition to the schemes described above, GCG Asia participated in a hoax involving a phoney copyright takedown. In order to pull off this con, the platform filed bogus copyright infringement claims against websites that expressed criticism of the illegal operations carried out by GCG Asia.

The platform would retain the services of a law firm to bring a DMCA takedown request against the website, making the claim that the website was violating GCG Asia’s copyrighted content by publishing or distributing it. On the other hand, the content in question was almost always a stock photo or an image that was not original and therefore could not be protected by copyright.

As soon as the takedown notice was submitted, the website in question would be required to delete the offending content or risk being subject to legal action. GCG Asia employed this strategy in order to quiet opponents and prevent them from alerting the general public about the fraudulent activities that were taking place on the platform.


Throughout the course of the inquiry against GCG Asia, evidence of fraudulent activity, impersonation, perjury, and a phoney copyright takedown scam was discovered. The website was actually a sophisticated operation that was designed to trick investors who were not paying attention and take their money. As a result of the inquiry, the platform has been shut down, and the individuals responsible for it are now facing criminal charges for the fraudulent actions they engaged in.

Before putting money into any trading platform or financial opportunity, it is vital to carry out research as required by the applicable regulations. Investors should perform research to evaluate the legality of the platform and the management team, as well as check that the platform has the appropriate licences and is controlled by the appropriate authorities in the financial industry. In addition, investors should be careful of claims that their investments would provide great returns and should never risk money that they do not have the means to replace if they lose it.

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