Kraj Maklerow review – Scam or not?

Let us explain why it’s not advisable to open an account with Kraj Maklerow. Firstly, this broker is not regulated, which means that it lacks the necessary license to offer financial services in any country. Unregulated brokers are not monitored by government agencies and are therefore considered untrustworthy. It is best to avoid this broker as it is anonymous and can abscond with your funds at any given moment.

Additionally, we conducted research on various online forums and found negative feedback from users who were dissatisfied with Kraj Maklerow. They reported difficulties with withdrawing their money. These user reviews suggest that Kraj Maklerow is a fraudulent broker, and we strongly advise against investing through their platform.

How do such brokers work?

Typically, Kraj Maklerow brokers engage in calling customers and convincing them to deposit funds, and they excel at this practice. They employ deceptive tactics, such as promising unrealistic investment returns, to persuade customers to make a deposit. Once they have secured the initial deposit, they will continue to call and pressure customers to deposit more money.

It’s essential to be wary of their claims as they are all fraudulent. Kraj Maklerow often hires foreign employees to cut costs, and they obtain phone numbers of potential victims to call as many people as possible. Kraj Maklerow extorts money from their targets and disappears without leaving any traces, rendering themselves uncontactable via phone, email, or chat. Additionally, the broker’s website often becomes inaccessible after a certain period.

What are the ways to retrieve your funds?

In case you have already deposited any funds with Kraj Maklerow, it is recommended to request a withdrawal immediately. However, there is a possibility that the broker may refuse to return your money. In such a situation, if you deposited using Visa or Mastercard, you can still hope to get a refund via chargeback. For instance, Visa and Mastercard allow chargebacks within 540 days of deposit for individuals who have become victims of investment fraud. Chargeback is a grievance process that your bank initiates after receiving a notification from you.

Therefore, if you want to retrieve your funds, you should contact your bank as soon as possible. The same applies to money transfers made via online payment systems, as some of them offer the chargeback option while others do not. In any case, you should contact customer service immediately and inquire about the refund policy. If you made a bank transfer, there is no chargeback option, and your only recourse is to send an email to Kraj Maklerow Brokers, stating that you will report the matter to the police if they do not refund your money. Sometimes, such a threat can intimidate the broker into returning your money.

Additionally, you can file a complaint with the government agency responsible for regulating financial institutions and brokers, which can take appropriate action. We caution against using cryptocurrencies for payments as they offer anonymity, and you may not be able to trace the recipient of your funds.


After a thorough evaluation, we cannot endorse Kraj Maklerow as a reliable broker due to their lack of licensing to provide financial services. Additionally, we have discovered some negative feedback regarding their services on various online forums. Given these findings, we strongly advise against entrusting your funds to this broker, as it may pose a significant risk to your investments. Therefore, it’s crucial to conduct extensive research on any company you plan to invest in, including reading reviews and comments from other users. This practice applies to all types of enterprises, be it a forex broker, cryptocurrency exchange, or any other organization.

Ultimately, conducting due diligence before investing can protect you from fraudulent activities and ensure that your investments are secure.

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