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It is clear from looking at LST-IC that they are not subject to the jurisdiction of any particular regulatory body. That is a GIGANTIC WARNING SIGN!! That alone should dissuade you from making any investments with LST-IC. In addition to this, they collaborate with websites that provide “Automated trading software,” which is another another red signal given that websites of type are extremely well-known for their involvement in fraudulent schemes.

Hence, is just another unregulated forex broker. This indicates that the consumers are not protected, and it is quite probable that they will get away with stealing your hard-earned money without being held accountable by a regulatory organization.

How does it work?

The following is the standard operating procedure for unregulated FX brokers. They will phone potential customers in an effort to get them to make the initial minimal deposit, and they will use every tactic that is remotely imaginable in order to accomplish this goal. LST-IC will advertise deals that are almost too good to be true, such as “we will double the initial investment you make” or “you will easily make $100 every day.” I beg you, listen to none of what they have to say!!! It’s a complete CON! After completing the initial payment, customers are passed to a more skilled con artist known as a “retention agent,” who will make additional attempts to scam additional funds out of them.

Withdrawing funds

Because your assets are never completely safe when they are held by an unlicensed broker, you should submit a withdrawal request as soon as possible. And this is where things start to get complicated.

If you wish to withdraw your money, regardless of whether you have made a profit or not, the procedure of withdrawing your money will be delayed for a number of months. In the event that they postpone it for a period of six months, you will lose the ability to submit a chargeback, and the money will be irretrievably lost. You will NOT receive your funds back no matter how frequently you remind them or how insistent you are that they take them out of the account. And if you signed the Managed Account Agreement, also known as the MAA, which effectively gives them permission to do whatever they want with your account, they will lose all of your funds, which means there will be nothing left for you to ask for anymore.

How to get your money back?

In the event that you have already placed your money with LST-IC and they refuse to give your money back, which is something that is extremely likely to happen, there may still be a means or two for you to get your money back, so don’t worry about it.

First and foremost, you need to make sure that you preserve all of the emails as proof that you have been demanding the money back from them but that they either do not give it to you or they prolong the process for an excessive amount of time with the aim of not refunding your money.

You should start by initiating a chargeback as your very first step! And you really ought to get on with this right immediately! Make a call to your financial institution or the firm that issued your credit card and explain how you were tricked into making a deposit for a trading company that is not regulated and would not return your money. This is the quickest and easiest approach to get your money back, but it is also the method that will cause them the greatest inconvenience. And if there are a significant number of chargebacks processed, it will cause their relationship with the payment service providers to deteriorate.

What about wires?

There is no way to do a chargeback on a wire, therefore if you send them one there is no recourse. In order to complete this step, you will need to take the battle to a higher level. Warn them that you will report their behavior to the appropriate authorities and file a complaint against them if it continues. That will cause them to reconsider the likelihood of issuing a refund.

You also have the option of writing a letter or sending an email to the agencies that are in charge of regulation. You can conduct a search on Google to locate the governing body that is responsible for overseeing Forex brokers in the country in which you are now residing. After then, you are able to write a letter or compose an email in which you detail how you were tricked by them. Make sure that you hand over this letter or email to them and inform them that you will be sending it to the agency that regulates the industry if they do not refund your money.

Make sure that you post feedback about LST-IC on several internet websites

One further option to cause them harm and prevent other individuals from becoming victims is to post negative reviews on other websites and briefly explain what transpired. If you are a victim, please write a review and leave a remark about your experience in the comment part of this website.

LST-IC Review Conclusions

The process of creating the LST-IC review is actually quite enjoyable for us, and our ultimate goal is to prevent as many people as we can from throwing away their hard-earned cash. Before engaging in any kind of transaction, it is in your best interest to conduct an in-depth investigation of all of the Forex companies as well as any other kind of company.

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