Omega Pro ( A Forex Trading Scam

Omega Pro presents itself as a trading platform that utilizes AI technology to generate profits for investors. However, the company does not disclose any information about the trading conditions for the various assets it offers. Additionally, as an unregulated broker, investing with Omega Pro puts your capital at significant risk.

Omega Pro claims to be owned and operated by OmegaPro LTD, with a registered location in the UK. However, this address appears to be entirely fictitious and provides no information about the platform’s actual location. Based on its business practices, Omega Pro seems more akin to an MLM platform rather than a forex trading company.

Genuine MLM platforms typically disclose information about their ownership and management structure. Without such transparency, it is challenging to trust the legitimacy of an investment opportunity. MLM companies also rely on deposit amounts from new investors to pay out earlier investors, making transparency crucial to building trust with investors.

Omega Pro review

Ponzi schemes typically do not charge a fee to join, as they rely on website traffic to sustain their operations. However, to benefit from these schemes, investors must invite multiple referrals to join the platform.

Despite claims that investors can generate traffic and earn payouts, evidence suggests that the people who manage to do so are not actually paid by the company. Therefore, it may be wise to avoid inviting friends and family to invest in this platform until further investigation can be conducted.

Furthermore, Omega Pro does not offer any evidence of successful trade transactions that demonstrate the legitimacy of their investment platform. To reap the supposed benefits of this platform, investors must continue to invest more of their funds, which can lead to significant losses.

The only parties likely to benefit from Omega Pro are the company owners, as is the case with Ponzi schemes in general. Despite claims that the platform generates profits by investing in various assets such as stocks and cryptocurrencies, there is no evidence that this is true for any investor.

Scammers understand that they run the risk of being shut down if they fail to generate sufficient traffic to their website, so they try to hold onto your money for as long as possible. Ponzi schemes overwhelmingly benefit the company owners, with 90% or more of investors losing their investment funds.

While Omega Pro claims to use AI for trading purposes, the specifics of this technology are not made clear, which is a significant warning sign. Legitimate trading companies provide supporting details for their claims, which is why they should be the only ones trusted.

The platform’s method of operation is not sensible, and it would be unwise to entrust your personal information to criminals who operate such schemes.

Investment Plans

Omega Pro is not a sensible investment platform and doesn’t generate profits for investors, even though they offer different investment plans with minimum deposit amounts of $100 and a maximum tradable amount of $15,000. The platform requires investors to wait for 16 months to receive 200% returns.

However, it is likely a Ponzi scheme that uses false or achievable targets in its investment plans. Additionally, the platform is not transparent in its operations, and the free membership starts at $150 while premium membership requires a $1,000 fee. Investors may lose money by trusting this platform.

Regulation and customer support

Omega Pro lacks regulatory information, which is a red flag for investors as unregulated companies often disappear or rebrand after scamming investors. The platform claims to have a UK-based mother company, but our research shows no recognition from regulatory bodies such as FCA.

Providing fake contact information is a common tactic used by scammers. Legitimate trading platforms have reliable contact support, which unregulated ones often lack, posing a risk of losing all your investment.

Funds Safety

Omega Pro is an untrustworthy platform that lacks legitimacy and risks robbing you of all your investment funds. The company operates with a regulated broker and depends on other members’ deposits to pay you, so if your invitee doesn’t deposit, you won’t benefit.

Despite mandatory investments, there is no evidence of successful withdrawals made by investors. The platform takes too long to pay out profits and is not regulated, which could lead to closure and loss of funds.

Domain Insights

Omega Pro’s domain name is, and the company was registered in August 1996.


Omega Pro’s method of operation is shady and resembles a Ponzi scheme where only the founders benefit and remain anonymous. Unregulated platforms may deceive you and block your account or delete your details, making it impossible to recover your investment funds.

To trust a company, they should provide demo or transaction data from at least three months, have transparent trade methods, regulatory certificates, and working contact support. Unfortunately, Omega Pro lacks such transparency and banking information to guarantee refunds. It is an illegal investment firm that generates funds from the public and is a dangerous scam that will rob you of your money.

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