Premium Finance Solutions Ltd Reviews 2023 – Scam

Premium Finance Solutions Ltd (PFSL) is a company that claims to provide financial services, including loans and credit facilities, to individuals and businesses. However, there have been concerns raised about the legitimacy of the company, with some people alleging that PFSL is a scam. In this article, we will review PFSL and look at the evidence for and against these claims.

We’ll tell you why you shouldn’t open an account with Premium Finance Solutions Ltd in the next section. Premium Finance Solutions Ltd isn’t a broker that has to follow rules. This means that it does not have a license in any country to offer financial services. Brokers who don’t have licenses aren’t watched by the government, so you shouldn’t trust them. So you should avoid this broker because it is anonymous and could take your money and run at any time.

We also looked at online forums and only saw bad things said about this Premium Finance Solutions Ltd by people who were unhappy with him. Users have said that they can’t get their money back. Based on these user reviews, it seems like Premium Finance Solutions Ltd is a broker that is trying to scam people out of their money. Because of this, we want to warn you again not to invest through their brokerage platform.

How do such Premium Finance Solutions Ltd work?

Most of the time, they call clients and try to get them to put money down. They are really good at making promises that aren’t true just to get you to put money in their account. If they get you to put down your first deposit, they will call you all the time to ask you to put down more money. Don’t believe a word they say, because it’s all a lie.

These brokers hire a lot of people, usually foreigners, to keep the price down. They get the phone numbers of possible victims and then tell their workers to call as many people as they can. They trick them out of their money and then leave no sign of themselves. You can’t talk to them by phone, email, or live chat. After a while, the broker’s website often stops working as well.

What should you do to get your money back?

If you have already given Premium Finance Solutions Ltd money, you should ask to get it back right away. But it’s possible that the broker won’t want to give you back your money. Don’t worry, there is still hope if you paid with a Visa or Mastercard. You can get a chargeback, or a refund, when you use a credit card. For example, Visa and Mastercard let people who have lost money because of investment fraud get their money back within 540 days of making a deposit.

Chargeback is a complaint process that starts when a bank gets a report from a customer with a payment card. So, if you want your money back, you should get in touch with your bank right away. Same thing goes for sending money through online payment systems. Some of them let you get your money back, but others don’t. No matter what online payment system you used to make your deposit, you should contact customer service right away and ask if you can get your money back.

If you have sent money through your bank, you can’t do a chargeback. All you can do is send an email to Premium Finance Solutions Ltd saying that you will go to the police if they don’t give you your money back. There’s a chance they’ll get scared and give you your money back. You can also send a letter to the government agency that oversees brokers and financial institutions. They will do what needs to be done. We also say that you shouldn’t pay with cryptocurrencies.

First of all, your payment will be mostly anonymous; you won’t know exactly who you’re sending money to. More importantly, once you’ve made your payment, you can’t take it back.


We can’t recommend Premium Finance Solutions Ltd as a broker because they don’t have a license to offer financial services. There were also some bad things said on internet forums. Your money is not safe with this broker, so it’s best to stay away from him. Remember to always read reviews and comments about a company before you send money to someone, whether it’s a forex broker, a cryptocurrency exchange, or any other company.

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