Shulman – “I’m getting hit in the ear! I look around – beat tennis player Yuri Androsyuk to blood

The Dnipropetrovsk District Court of Kyiv recently opened a criminal case against billionaire Vadim Shulman. For a scuffle. February 3 this year. Hall of the Dnepropetrovsk sports complex “Megaron”. A stocky man in a sports uniform attacks a bearded man. Blood is oozing down his face. But he does not even try to fight back: next to the attacker are two guards, ready to rush to help. With dozens of witnesses, the President of the Tennis Federation of Ukraine, Vadim Shulman, beat tennis player Yuri Androsyuk to blood.

Thus ended the story that led to the fact that the Dnepropetrovsk District Court of Kyiv recently opened a criminal case against billionaire Vadim Shulman.

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Reference: Vadim Maratovich Shulman is the owner of the mobile operator “Telesystems of Ukraine” (trademark PEOPLEnet), co-owner of JSCB “Privat-bank” and coke plants “Bagleikoks”, “Dneprodzerzhinsky coke plant”, “Kominmet”, GMZ im. Petrovsky. President of the Megaron Big Tennis Club in Dnepropetrovsk. In 2005, he was elected President of the Tennis Federation of Ukraine. Personal fortune, according to experts, is more than 1 billion hryvnia. Israeli citizen.

I was brought to Yuri Androsyuk by his lawyer, my old acquaintance. We met in one of the Kyiv cafes. We got talking. Mr. Androsyuk is not just an amateur tennis player, he plays at a professional level. Tennis is his hobby. He is the president of the Amateur Billiards Federation.

I carefully look through the dry lines of documents: “Skarga of a private accusation”, a letter from the Kirovsky district department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Dnepropetrovsk, a court order .

Yuri Evgenievich, how did you quarrel with Mr. Shulman?

– It’s going to take a long time.

– And you start from the very beginning.

– Well … I have been in amateur tennis for a very long time, since 1988. In 1991, for the first time in my life, I won a big tournament: it was the last All-Union amateur tournament in the USSR. Since then I won a lot of them, I am considered a strong tennis player.

In the 90s. came to tennis and Shulman. Organized the Amateur International Tennis League. We met several times in tournaments. He himself organized tournaments, quite interesting, for example, amateurs with professionals, and with a prize fund.

Once I was not allowed to one of the tournaments on his initiative, for a long time I could not understand what was the matter. It turned out that he wanted me to agree to play in tandem with his protégé. I told him: “Vadik, this is not how things are done. I should have said, I would have agreed.” And he says: “Who are you to tell me?”. After such a conversation, he held a meeting with two friends and expelled me from his tennis league.

Two years have passed. I did not come to Shulman to put up, as others did when they were expelled. And he apparently had a grudge against me. But at the beginning of this year, I was invited to a tournament in Dnepropetrovsk by his successor, Viktor Shkindel (having left to lead the FTU, he left him as his successor in MTL). “You know, Vitya, I have a difficult relationship with Shulman,” I tell him. And he: “I personally invite you, I want you to come.” His desire was clear to me: I am a titled player, with my participation the rating of the tournament increases.

I came to this tournament on Friday, we had to play until Sunday. And on the very first day I met with Shulman. I watched the training of two girls he sponsors, these are the twin sisters Kichenok. He came up and asked: “Well, how are the girls?” “Nothing,” I answer. “Do you want to play with them?” and offered a bet.

I had a strong pair with Valentin Samokhvalov, we had won two tournaments before, and here we were also favorites. I say: “We can play. But we have a busy tournament schedule, until 11-12 at night, so we play no more than one set. After all, we were the most likely contenders for the prize and wanted to finish the job, take the prizes.

Shulman wanted to convince me on these terms: three sets and a bet of $5,000. They agreed on $500. I agreed only to a short meeting from one set. He consulted with the girls’ coach and disagreed. So the bet didn’t work out.

The next day, the 1/16 finals, my pair with a pair of Shulman got into one subgroup. The winner in the subgroup will have to play with the weak in the 1/8 finals, and the loser – with the strong. Shulman and his partner, Kutsenko (he is the coach of the Kichenok sisters), apparently understood that they would lose to my pair with Valentin Samokhvalov. And 5 minutes before this game, the conflict began.

Everything happened in front of many witnesses who were sitting in a restaurant next to the court and playing nearby. Shulman says to me: “Let’s not play, but we will determine the winner by lot, just throw a coin.” I ask my partner: “What do you think, Roller?”. He says: “No, why? Now we will win easily.” Shulman obviously didn’t like it. He repeated the offer. We refused. This greatly “started” Shulman. He threatened that we would get on another strong pair, and he and his partner would still play with a weak pair, he named names. I speak:This is impossible! Was there a draw? And there was no draw. But I knew that there were already precedents with forgery at the draw, such rumors circulated. I say loudly: “Wow, guys! There hasn’t been a draw yet, and everyone already knows who will play with whom.”

He immediately “moved off the topic.” He turned away and started some conversation with a partner. I also spoke to my partner: “Did you see the girls training in the morning? This is a strong pair, it’s good that we didn’t take it – they would have beaten us for sure. And Shulman intervenes in the conversation: “Oh, so you give up?” I was very surprised. He continues: “Since you give up, you lost the bet. You are due.” I say that the bet did not take place, but if he insists very much, then you can play. Only not three, but one set, as I wanted at the beginning. And he insists on three sets. Despite the fact that the girls at that time were steaming in the sauna, and in two hours a banquet was to take place. “There is no time, only one set or there will be no game,” I said.

And then he turned and shouted to the whole court: “You, Androsyuk, are bullshit!” I was in a hurry. “You are only a master of talking, but when it comes to betting, you jump off,” he shouts. I calmly answer that so far there has been no bet.

Shulman left the room. Came back with two guards. One remained at the entrance. The other goes with him. Shulman came up to me and silently hit me on the head. I dodged. He hit from the left, hit a few more hits. I should have fought back, but I see that the guard is just waiting for me to get into a fight. Well, I think you will not succeed in this provocation. And he began to retreat to the exit from the court. And Shulman comes after me and strikes.

I went out to the gym hall. I take out my phone to call Shkindel and ask him to reason with Shulman. And then I get hit in the ear from behind! I look around – this, of course, is Shulman. “Well, do you want to leave Dnepropetrovsk alive?!” – hisses directly at me. And there is dead silence around, people in the hall stand and watch. They knock me down with the guard, I fell and hit my head on the table. The guard jumps up to me: “Let’s go out and talk!”. I didn’t go anywhere with him. Then Shulman said: “If you want to get out alive, wow … go on … now!” And left.

I went to the locker room to change. Half a minute later, Shulman comes in with a security guard, a mobile phone in his fist. Throws me against the locker, cut my eyebrow. Shulman stood for a moment, thinking about something, called a doctor for me and left.

In the hospital, I removed the beatings and wrote a statement to the Kirovsky district department of the Dnepropetrovsk city department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. From there they sent me a reply that the fact of infliction of bodily harm on me by Mr. Shulman was fixed. A preventive conversation was held with him, an official warning was issued about the inadmissibility of antisocial behavior, he was registered with the police. But the criminal case was not opened. I only recently got the case open through the courts.

You know, now I’m afraid for my life. That’s why I want to cause a public outcry. And then, formally, Shulman is the No. 1 tennis player in Ukraine. This is a scandal in the sports community! Now, after this disgrace, Shulman must resign as president of the Ukrainian Tennis Federation.

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