The powerful surnames: behind the Nxivm case Salvador Garcia Soto on March 26

The powerful family and its scandal connections could turn around if recordings were soon released in which its main leaders in the country confess their open ties to the sect of the master


The powerful family In the recent past in the United States, one of the cases that received the greatest amount of media attention was the Nxivm case, which centred on a religious group led by Keith Raniere. The influential people involved in this case include a number of millionaires as well as representatives of the top echelons of business, politics, and the entertainment industry. In this essay, we will investigate who some of the influential persons are behind the Nxivm case, as well as how they are tied to the cult and what role they play in it.

The connections in Mexico of the sect of the enlightened Keith Raniere, arrested on March 26 in Puerto Vallarta, do not end with the subsidiaries managed by Emiliano Salinas Occelli and Alejandro Betancourt, which through ESP (Executive Success Programs) and other companies and funds, control groups related to Nxivm in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey.

Behind the women involved in this sect, which according to The New York Times, uses self-help techniques that lead to control, manipulation and submission, there is a million-dollar business that begins by obtaining large amounts of money from the women involved —8 thousand dollars per course to “word problems” and raise levels—going as far as sexual slavery and marking the bodies of enslaved women, but which also includes a network of businesses, companies, and firms that report profits to Raniere, but are all run by lenders, several of them Mexican.

Keith Raniere

Nxivm, a cult that marketed itself to its followers as an organisation for both personal and professional growth, was established by Keith Raniere. In 2018, Raniere was arrested on multiple accusations, including sex trafficking, extortion, forced labour, and wire fraud, and in 2019, he was found guilty of all of those offences. In October 2020, he will begin serving his sentence of 120 years in prison.

The Bronfman sisters, Sarah and Clare (The powerful duo)

The names Sara and Clare Bronfman are among the most notable of those connected to the Nxivm investigation. The late Edgar Bronfman Sr. was a former president of Seagram Corporation Ltd., an alcoholic beverage company. His daughters, the Bronfman sisters(The powerful duo Sister), were named after their late father. The Bronfman family is widely regarded as one of the wealthiest and most influential families in both Canada and the United States.

Sara and Clare Bronfman (The powerful duo Sister) were devoted followers of the Nxivm cult, and they contributed a significant portion of their wealth to support the organization’s endeavours. According to some estimates, the Bronfman sisters (The powerful duo Sister) have invested more than $150 million in Nxivm. In 2019, Clare Bronfman entered a guilty plea to charges of assisting a sex trafficking organisation and participating in a conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

She was given a prison sentence of 81 months and a fine of $500,000 for her crime. Sara Bronfman was also arrested in connection with the investigation, but she finally entered a not-guilty plea to the charges against her.

A. Mack, Allison

The part that made Allison Mack a household name in the United States is the one she played on the television show “Smallville.” In 2010, Mack became a member of Nxivm, and he moved up through the ranks of the organisation very swiftly. She is said to have become one of the most influential recruiters for Nxivm and persuaded many ladies to become members of the group.

In April 2018, Mack was taken into custody and accused of several crimes, including sex trafficking, forced labour, and conspiracy to commit sex trafficking. In April 2019, he entered a guilty plea, and he is currently awaiting punishment.

Nancy Salzmann

Nancy Salzman was one of the original founders of Nxivm and has held the presidency of the organisation since its inception. Before becoming a member of Nxivm, Salzman was a therapist specialising in neuro-linguistic programming in his previous life. While working at Nxivm, Salzman was in charge of creating programmes for both personal and professional growth.

In 2019, Salzman entered a guilty plea to charges that included assisting a sex trafficking organisation and engaging in a conspiracy to commit wire fraud. She was given a prison term of four years and two months.

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